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Best Purple Hair Dye for Dark Hair

by Hathey
Best Purple Hair Dye for Dark Hair

Do you have dark hair, that has shades of brown or black? You want to color your hair but are scared of the fact that it might get damaged by bleaching. 

Rather than changing your whole wardrobe, you can do a complete change of your style just by rocking a new hair color.

Looking for shades of purple hair to dye your dark hair? You might have searched many articles and posts to find what dye would be the best for your hair. 

There are many brands that offer the best color for your dark hair.

You want to dye your hair purple and are looking for the best hair dye so that you’re don’t get damaged.

Well not to worry, we have got it covered for you!

Purple is a color of royalty, power, and luxury. This stunning color, can make any cut, style, and look come alive.

Unlike other hues, this trendy color;

  • Looks good in every hair length and style
  • Suits every skin tone
  • Blends easily with any style be it chic or elegant

Even though you didn’t inherit this hair color you can still dye your hair into this trendy and chic color.

To find your ideal hair dye you might want to refer to these factors;

  1. Type of dye
  2. Number of washes

If you’re looking to find some brands that offer you the best hair dye for your hair with good quality and little to no damage. 

Top 10 Hair Dye Brands To Dye Your Dark Hair Purple:

Top 10 Hair Dye Brands To Dye Your Dark Hair Purple:

Here are the top 10 hair dye brands to dye your dark hair purple:

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Hair Dye.

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Hair Dye.

These points will help you choose wisely before you invest in buying the hair dye.

  1. Permanent or semi-permanent dye
    One of the most crucial factors in this factor. As compared to semi-permanent dyes, permanent dyes will last longer. As purple color can be difficult to maintain you should choose the correct type of dye. If you love to experiment then you should choose semi-permanent dye.
  2. Duration of the color.
    Hair color dyes do not last forever. Some last for days, some for weeks, and some for months. So make sure to check the duration.
  3. Composition.
    Many hair dyes contain harsh chemicals that can cause severe damage. Avoid parabens, ammonia, gluten, etc. When choosing.
  1. Base color and secondary base color
  2. Allergic reactions
  3. Price
  4. Different shades of purple

The most preferred hair dye brands are stated above and you can opt from them.

With all the necessary details provided for you, you can definitely choose your ideal product. Finding the best hair dyes was not easy and suggesting one among these best is a task.

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