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How Australia is a Better Destination Than Canada for Immigration

by Hathey
How Australia is a Better Destination Than Canada for Immigration

There are a lot of people who want immigration in Australia or Canada. Both of these countries have huge policies making for the new immigrants, who are willing to migrate from their mother state to Australia or Canada. Authorities from these countries always tried to give the best opportunities to immigrants and try to simplify the process of immigration.

Moreover, getting immigration for any of these two countries is a problematic task. Getting Canadian immigration is a bit more difficult rather than Australian immigration. Both countries provide the best immigration so, It could be difficult to choose one of them. In case we look through it comprehensively so, we could be able to identify the minor difference in both of these immigration countries.

PR Permit

Australia Permanent Resident VisaIt would be disappointing for the immigrants willing to migrate to Australia. Australian immigration is not been easy as compared to others because the PR permit takes some time but it is possible to get permanent residency in Australia.

PR score is the first process of immigration. Your PR score decides the possibility of immigration to one of these countries. The process of getting a PR permit in Australia is long and complicated because the authorities of Australia have changed the policies of immigration.

Australian immigration authorities also decreased the allow per year immigrants of Australia because Australia is getting dense rather than other immigration offering countries. More than 60-70% of applications of immigration to Australia are failed or taken back.

Australian immigration has less PR score than Canadian. It increases your possibility of Australian immigration. In case you hand over your immigration process to a better Australian immigration consultant. An immigrant to Australia could have access to New Zealand as well.


Australia Economy

The Australian economy is slightly better than Canadian. But as we look towards ranking Canada gets a point higher than Australia. It would be a personal perspective on these economies but I would prefer the Australian economy because they mainly rely on exports. Australia has grown pretty highly in the last few years. As they improved economic growth, unemployment, low interest rate, on the other hand, Australia also has the benefit of geographical location. A better economy could provide better opportunities to their residents.

Employment/Labor Market

Employment Chart of Australia From 2012 to 2021

Australia is slightly more favorable in the case of active workers in the Australian labor market. Australia is not highly diversified in the labor market but it could be much better for the active worker. The active worker could get a satisfying salary per hour rather than Canada.

Australia is more favorable to active workers and competitively less to families. A skilled worker could easily earn a better lifestyle in Australia. An Australian immigration consultant can also help you with this regard. Australian immigrants have job security rather than Canadian immigrants.

Australian citizens have a more than 85% job retention guarantee and on the other hand, Canadians have below 85%. Taxation is more favorable in Australia as compared to Canada because Australia offers a 24% rate of tax, contrarily Canada offers a 29% rate of tax.

In a Nutshell

Australia lifestyle would be different from region to region because living cost in Australia is a bit higher as compared to Canada.

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