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How Often Should You Condition Your Hair?

by Hathey
How often should you condition your hair

One of the questions most people search on the Internet is how often should somebody be washing and conditioning their hair and unfortunately there is no right or wrong answer to that. It depends on your hair, the texture of your hair, how oily they are or how dry your hair is. But your hair is a typical rule that one after another day is much average for the majority of people. There is a golden rule about using a conditioner as anytime you go for a hair wash you need to apply conditioner to your hair right after that. It is the key rule regarding ‘How often you need to use the conditioner’. So if you shampoo your hair two or three times a week you need to follow right after the conditioner every time right after shampooing them. You need to follow this double application rule even if your hair is short you still need to condition your hair.

Why is Conditioning Hair Important?

Simply conditioning is the most important thing to do if you want healthy hair because it gives your hair nutrition. It provides them the nutrients, the strength, the protection, and even this retro conditioning process can give your hair everything it needs to be strong, shiny and protected, and healthy.

Why is Conditioning Hair Important?


When to Condition Your Hair?

If you have dry frizzy hair you need to condition it every time you shampoo them but if you have an oily scalp and less volume to your hair you need to condition it once a week as it keeps the hair intact sharp, nice, and coated protecting your hair.

How to Choose the Best Conditioner?

How to choose best conditioner

There are a lot of conditioners available in the market but not all of them are good for your hair. There are certain conditioners that you use on your wet hair that are known as the ‘rinse out conditioners’, and there are certain conditioners that are just ‘leave on conditioners’ and you don’t wash them off. The combination of these two conditioners is good once a week. You need to leave the conditioner immediately after shampooing your hair and then wash it off. The rest of the day you can pick up a little leave-in conditioner which you can use on the wet hair after shampooing. It keeps your hair much more manageable reducing the tangles thus allowing you to style your hair better. The leave-on conditioners provide maximum moisture to the hair and prevent you from hair problems such as hair fall.

Conditioning for Colored Hair

Conditioning for Coloured Hair

People who claim to color their hair have a problem with dry and split ends. So in that case, these leave-on conditioners help to prevent those split ends as well as dry frizzy hair. It is the best answer to the most searched or asked question that how many times should you condition your hair, as conditioners help your hair to gain strength and you can use it daily on dry or wet hair.

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